Pay-for-Performance Search Engines – Exact Meaning

Today everyone, including me, is interested in earning profit by popularising pay per click for your search engine optimization services, that are offered to the customers and with the help of Internet facility it has become possible today to reach the customers in different corners of the world. With the increasing use of internet, the business people are also redirecting their attention towards internet/online marketing so as to maximize the profit earning chances. For doing so, Search Engines are used which would reflect the search results to the users according to the queries they feed. Users, including me give preferences to the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the technique that is used to make the web-pages more search-engine friendly so that the pages gets displayed in the first page of search results and thus, enhances the SE rankings. There is several search engines available like: - directories (edited by humans), crawler based (traditional search engines), pay-for-performance, hybrid search engines (META search engines).

One of the popular types of search engines is Pay-for-performance engine. In this search engines, the advertisers are to pay a particular amount so as to maintain their site top-ranked in the search results of the engine. Nowadays, all the popular search engines provide the facility of paid listing that appears to be of higher rank than the organic ranking. Wikipedia defines Pay-For-Performance concept, like “a business model used in online advertising whereby an advertising agency charges for the results achieved by the advertising campaign.”

Pay-for-performance or pay per click is famous because of the advantages that are offers to the clients like:- 

    It charges Pay only for a specific place for ad displays, when we the clients click on the ads, or as part of a given percent of profit earned.

    No rigid agreements are there so that we, the clients are free to change the marketing strategy and accordingly can make changes in the ad display as per the available opportunities.

    Such engines use less resource managing proposals, search marketing vendors, thus, enables the potential clients to continue on with the business development strategies.

Similar to Pay-for-performance search engines are the paid inclusion search engines, where the higher the bid made would ensure the higher position in the search engine rankings. It would provide a guarantee to us, the clients about the definiteness of ad that appear in the response to a search fed by the user consist of the respective keywords of the client. A similar pay-for-performance model is pay-per-click, where, if sales is not generating, then, we, the clients will have to incur no cost as the cost per order and cost per impression is used to determine the profitability of internet marketing. With the increase in a number of impressions, the quality of the ads would improve resulting in a positive impact of search engine rankings of the ad with the improved click-through rates. Some of the largest network providers using a similar idea of advertising include Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft’s adCenter, Google AdWords, Microsoft’s Bin